wherever you are in your writing process, 

you are not alone. 

Writers are often charmed by characters, themes, 

concepts & social issues. 

“Quick, make me real before I fly away,” 

they tempt.  

And then, writing happens … 

Writers are often charmed by characters, themes, concepts & social issues. 

“Quick, make me real before I fly away,” they tempt.  

And then, writing happens … 

What are you
working on?


It's a given, you're telling the
greatest story ever told!

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Do set down your knowledge to bring about new understanding.


Your life on the page is as unique as you. Write it your way.

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It's true, that gem of a story was sitting in your bottom drawer!


Life is full of official letters, reports, manuals, documents, documents!


To fulfil my intention to continuously expand my knowledge about the art of editing and writing and to give back to my community, I am associated with …  

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My editorial experience is the combination of hundreds of hours of learning, understanding and practically applying the disciplines of writing and editing. It’s a given, I’ve clocked some mileage over the years. 

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WHY do you need

Writing your Magnus Opus can be a lonely road, even when you belong to five hundred writing groups on Facebook. Perhaps you’ve just started and aren’t sure what to do, or you’ve spent the last year bleeding onto the page and now you have a manuscript on your hands. 

Perhaps you’re getting ‘lost in the marshes,’ as the prolific and wonderful writer Bryce Courtney would said. Maybe you’ve been banging away at your novel for 10 years and you’re tired and bored and sick of rejection letters! 

Hey, we’ve been there at different times through various stages of the writing process, and yes, it will fall into place at the right time in the best possible way. Whatever stage you’re in, why not take a step towards achieving your dreams and have a professional editor look over and assess your work. 

My happy Clients

A Dream Come True!

I have met and worked with quite a few editors, but Kyla-Jayne is the first editor that has inspired me to stay true to my writing style, as well as offering me and directing me down the right garden path. Her constructive comments are clear and straight forward, and I feel I have found an amazing editor who can finally help make my faery dreams come true.

Prompt. Accurate. Considerate.

Kyla-Jayne edited my series of spiritual memoirs with great sensitivity. She was able to carefully alter the original language in my manuscript to synchronise more with the potential readers experience without altering the original meaning.

I would recommend her for editing spiritual material of any variety.

We Made a Book!

I am indebted to Kyla-Jayne, my editor and publisher, for her tireless work and perseverance. Kyla-Jayne took my drafts in hand drawing out writing skills I didn't know I possessed and made the beautiful book she promised. She has unfailing patience, amazing discipline and her enthusiasm and confidence helped me to create a book of which I am extremely proud. Thank you Kyla-Jayne.
Carol Holden
Carol Holden
Author. Gardener. Retired Teacher.