Do you need a Ghostwriter?

Well, that depends on whether or not you want to write your own book. Every soul born on this planet is able to tell a good yarn. We are all storytellers the great Joseph Campbell would have you know and we’ve all been telling stories our own ways for centuries. Some storytellers are brilliant orators, some gifted dancers, some prophetic artists, but not all storytellers want to write their story down or have the time, patience or ability to do so.

Reasons to hire a Ghostwriter?

1. A storyteller may feel they have a great story to tell, but they don’t feel confident about their writing ability nor have the time to learn how to write to a publishable standard.

2. A storyteller might be too close to their story and need an objective, third party to help bring their story into the world. 

3. A storyteller could simply prefer the oral storytelling tradition. 

What does a Ghostwriter do?

A ghostwriter is skilled at merging with and writing in the client’s voice, including their tone, intonations, language, etc… to tell their story or write certain brand based content. Ghostwriters can usually write in several forms, including articles, blogs, web content, ebooks, biographies, memoirs, non-fiction or fiction books. Usually, a ghostwriter sets out the guidelines in a contract including attribution, royalties, fees, research, and travel. 

A Ghostwriter will:

  • Expect the storyteller to share their story with them, even the juicy parts. 
  • Conduct interviews to gather information and/or further the story.
  • Undertake research, including experiential research to thoroughly understand setting, sense of place, or an event. 
  • Check facts and dates, tables and knowledge.
  • Plan and develop the client’s story or idea.
  • Provide advice about the tone and style of the text or body of work.
  • Write the story or content in the client’s voice using agreed vocabulary, intonation, assonance, rhythm, pace, and volume.
  • Capture readers with engaging and well-crafted narrative.
  • Use clear structure and story arcs to progress the story.
  • Use writing craft and literary techniques that keep readers engaged.
  • Produce a manuscript to a publishable standard.
  • Give the story-teller space to embrace their story from a distance.

Hiring a ghostwriter will enable you to do what you do best, while your ghostwriter writes to the best of their ability. Most editors are also skilled ghostwriters as they’re often required to write transitional phrases or content into manuscripts that need heavy development or substantive editing. Some editors are also just naturally skilled writers and regularly write copy for clients. 

If you need a Ghostwriter talk to me and I’ll see how I can help. 

Do You Need a ghostwriter?

I can write your book on your behalf.

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