Editing is an art form. 

As a professionally trained writer and editor, my approach to editing is informed by my understanding about the technical craft of writing and the mechanics of how to write. 

provide my authors with a wealth of knowledge and expertise while being sensitive to the deeper connections we have with our manuscripts. 

Being a generous, approachable, encouraging editor, I love helping writers achieve their dreams. 


Although I hold a candle for children’s literature and works that promote strong use of storytelling, I enjoy working on a range of textsI provide respectful, thoughtful feedback that inspires authors to develop their writing and their understanding of themselves as writers. I often work with high-achievers, deep thinkers and those passionate about their projects.  

Over my career, I’ve edited life-stories, children’s books, poetry books, creative non-fiction, fiction, official correspondenceacademic & feature articles, theses, training manuals, Christian texts, business plans, resumes, blogs, website content, Linkedin profiles, and more recently, a coffee table book of recollections & recipes.

As a writer who actively engages in the creative process, I invest in my authors by encouraging and motivating them to meet their professional dreams and goals. I can be found cheering them on at their book launches and taking pleasure in their achievements. 

My formal qualifications include: Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature; Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing; Diploma in Editing, Proofreading and Publishing; Cert IV in New Small Business. 


Thank-you to the many individuals, groups and organisations who have trusted me with their stories, documents, books, and website content.  

Bless Readers

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