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I recently attended an Australia Society of Authors’ zoom session, Pathways to Poetry Publication from which I gleaned a basketful of excellent tips and heart-felt information from two highly acclaimed poets, Jacinta Le Plastrier – CEO of Australian Poetry, and the award-winning Omar Sakr. Omar discussed how his adventures with writing came from his intentions to make his writing work for him. He seems to have taken risks that paid off. I once heard a saying, ‘the world opens up for the work of an artist.’ When artists follow their hearts, what else is left to be done?  

Well, the heart goes hand in hand with the mind, and Jacinta generously provided us writers and poets with some practical steps to consider along our pathways to publication. They seem so obvious now, but I must say, they’re sometimes difficult to follow. She suggests:

1. Be active with your writing
  • Write and write and write and write. 
  • Be sure to integrate your writing practice into your daily existence. 
 2. Have a submission strategy  
  • Read articles about writing. A good start is:
  • Apply for everything: Competitions. Awards. Fellowships. Mentorships. Funding. 
  • Research journals and publications to build a strategy around where you want to see your work published.
  • Follow the publisher’s submission guidelines. 
3. Accept Rejection & Don’t Accept Rejection 
  • Fear not the reality of rejection.
  • Aim for 100 rejections a year. 
  • Know your own temperament and how you deal with rejection.
  • Deal with rejection your way and accept it as par for the course.
4. Be truthful to your work & poetry 
  • Believe in your integrity as a writer and poet.
  • Acknowledge when you’re stepping off from other artists.
  • Follow your own rainbow.
  • Write poetry that is true to you.
Thanks Jacinta for these great tips. If you’re looking to learn about writing, or you’re wanting to find a writing mentor, I was advised the following places are a great start:  

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Kyla-Jayne Rajah

Kyla-Jayne Rajah

Author, Poet and lover of words. Kyla-Jayne enjoys editing, writing and publishing books for her gorgeous clients. In her spare time she talks to the cat, walks the coastline, and pursues her own writing goals.


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