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What are your rates & how long does it take?

 Fee calculations vary for every manuscript, therefore, I use industry standard hourly rates as a guide to help me build individualised quotes. 

First of all, consider the following benefits you’ll receive dependent on the level of editing most suited to your manuscript.

Then, if you’d like to connect with me and discuss your project more, follow the steps.

what's included

Manuscript Assessment

Provides an objective voice of encouragement while challenging the writer to think about strengthening certain areas within the manuscript. You’ll be given constructive feedback on many areas of the craft of writing, including: characterisation, plots, setting, narrative arc, premise, pace & tension, point of view, tone etc, as well as feedback on the use of literary techniques and devices. 

Fiction/Non-Fiction up to 80,000 words = $995
over 80,000 - 120,000 = $1,295
Children's Literature up to 50,000 words = $495
Poetry Collections = $395
Picture Books = $250

Development Editing (includes writer Coaching)

Takes the bones of a writing project and supports the author by providing writer coaching to develop a 1st or 2nd draft manuscript. This process can create a considerable body of work ready for further editing.

Substantive/Structural Editing

Improves on the structural organisation and shape of the book. Strengthens the overarching plots or narratives and clarifies meaning within each part, section or chapter so that content is cohesive across the whole book and promises are kept from beginning to end. 


Ensures the copy is accurate, clear, concise, and comprehensive across the work, and the intended meaning is complete and flows seamlessly from scene to scene or point to point.


Corrects punctuation and typographical errors, spelling and grammar mistakes, formatting and visual elements to prepare the manuscript for publication and to ensure the agreed style has been followed.


pencil number


Either send an Email, fill out the form on my Contact page or Book a FREE 30 minute Zoom consult. 

If you could prepare your answers to the following questions that would be super. 

What draft is your manuscript currently at?  What is the word count of your manuscript? What are your goals, aims or objectives for the book?



I usually like to read the first 3 chapters of your book and a synopsis, if you have one. You can send a sample of your manuscript with initial contact, or shortly after.

If you’re concerned about a certain area within your manuscript, let me know. 



Although I base my quotes on an hourly rate, your quote will most likely be calculated as a project rate. Particularly if you require Development or Substantive Editing. 

Development Editing and Substantive/Structural Editing can take numerous hours to complete, so I usually calculate the project rate in 10-20 hour brackets.



Before editing commences, we outline the terms of the editorial agreement, including your expectations regarding outcomes. The agreement must be signed before I begin working on the manuscript. 

Note: Manuscript Assessments do not require an editorial agreement, but there are Terms & Conditions.



Once the agreement is signed, I forward you an invoice. Please pay this within 3 business days, unless otherwise discussed.

You can pay via PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Deposit. These details can be found on your invoice. If you need a different payment arrangement, please advise.



I begin working on your manuscript.

Development Editing and Substantive/Structural Editing clients will be updated on my progress within 5 business days after editing has begun.

We will meet via Zoom to engage in writer coaching and editorial meetings.
I no longer meet with clients in person.


How long will it take to receive a FREE Quote ?

Please allow 2-3 business days for me to respond to your writing sample and provide an individualised quote. 

I read your chapters to assess the quality of the writing and ascertain the best level of editing needed to meet your goals, aims and objectives for the work.  

Why do you need to assess the 'quality' of the writing?

Every manuscript is as unique as humans are different. Consequently, every manuscript presents different problems based on where the writer is at in their writing journey. Some writers complete 10 drafts before they send their work to an editor. Some involve an editor after the first draft. Some writers are re-learning how to write.  

From the outset, I like to know how far along you are in your writing journey, how much effort you’re willing to exert, and what your aims are for the book.  Some writers want to self-publish, others want to gain attention from traditional publishers and win competitions and awards! 

I believe my job is to provide you with the level of editing that best meets the needs of your manuscript so that you can achieve your goals. 


What is your Copyright Policy ?

I acknowledge that all copyright belongs with the author of the works and that no ideas, stories, or writing will be shared with any third-party or used by me. 

I do expect my authors to understand the rules of attributing quotes and referencing. I do not work on plagiarised material, including content copy and pasted from the internet. All manuscripts are saved onto an external hard-drive and are sighted only by myself. 

What is your Privacy Policy ?

I respect your privacy and do not share your contact details, confessions, fears and frustrations, sample chapters, or manuscripts. Sometimes my work cat sits on my desk and might scan your manuscript. 

She has pledged to take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. She doesn’t provide feedback at this stage – it’s plausible she may in the future. 

Can I pay via a Payment Plan ?

I am open to discussing this. Please outline your need to use a payment plan so we can negotiate what this might look like, and I can write this into our editorial agreement. 

What are your Terms & Conditions

I’m glad you asked. Click on the work cat to find out!

another Happy Client!

Thank you so much Kyla-Jayne, for knowing how to ask the exact right questions and making the most spot-on observations. You helped me clarify what I wanted to communicate on my website! The skilled discernment, deep listening and passion you bring to your business are amazing. I couldn't be more thrilled with the final outcome.
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Connie Cohen
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