Thank-you for honouring my Terms & Conditions.  


  1. Merilane Editing respects all copyright and intellectual property rights of the author. My privacy policy is in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.
  2. The Manuscript Assessment will be returned with a report relevant to the complexities within the manuscript. The feedback is subjective to the professional opinion of the Assessor.
  3. The Manuscript Assessment will be returned with 4-6 weeks from the date that full payment is received, unless a payment plan has been entered into.
  4. The manuscript will be stored on external storage and will be disposed of once the assessment is complete, if this is the desire of the author. 
  5. Authors are entitled to discuss the Manuscript Assessment with the Assessor to clarify feedback. This is limited to 1 contact only of 30 minutes duration. 

manuscript editing

  1. Development Editing or Substantive/Structural Editing will begin after the Editorial Agreement has been discussed, negotiated and signed by both parties. 
  2. The following Terms & Conditions are operational alongside the Editorial Agreement. 
  3. When an Editorial Agreement is NOT in use, the following Terms & Conditions will be.


  1. Providing the best form of communication. 
  2. The standard of content, presentation, quality, final use and submission of all documents to printers or publishing houses. 
  3. Clarifying preference of spelling, style guidelines, dictionaries and style manuals.
  4. The decision to accept or not accept and implement suggested changes. 
  5. The decision to make changes to the manuscript and any resulting  reduction of clarity or comprehension in the document.
  6. Research, originality, accuracy, references and sources used.
  7. The consequences of plagiarism if the author knowingly or unknowingly uses the work of other sources without attributing or acknowledging their sources.
  8. Acknowledging the levels of editing and understanding what level of editing their book or document is being edited at, as per communication from Merilane Editing
  9. Acknowledging and accepting an appropriate and reasonable timeframe consistent with the breadth and length of the work, particularly if this extends across many levels of editing. 
  10. Payment for Editorial work is paid within 3 business days, unless a payment plan has been entered into.
  11. Final approval of all work completed by Merilane Editing. If Merilane Editing has not heard from the client within 10 business days from when the edited document was forwarded the assumption is the work has been accepted by the client.


Providing editorial services that are consistent with and in alignment with both Merilane Editing’s editorial philosophies and the IPEd’s definitions of editing service.

  1. Ensuring the level and quality of editing is accurate (not 100% perfect) and is of a professional standard and quality.
  2. Working within reasonable timeframes and communicating with the client to discuss or extend deadlines consistent with the length and breadth of the body of work.
  3. Delivering the work in the format agreed upon at the beginning of the contract, or where there has not been an agreed format, a discussion about this.
  4. Refusing to accept work for editing or writing that is offensive, objectionable, violent, graphically traumatic, or may cause the editor suffering or damage.


  1. The future possibility of the manuscript being published through traditional means or winning competitions or awards.
  2. The decisions Authors make to publish their book, or how they choose to format or present their book to a publisher. 
  3. We reserve the right to point out to the Author where we deem writing has been plagiarised, and we will advise the Author what needs to be done to rectify the situation. 
  4. An Author’s writing and comprehension ability.